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  1. I dont know if you’ve been following, but John Campea fired Erin Darling. On a picture with Miri Jedekin, Alicia Malone, and Kristian Harloff (her replacements) wearing those silly Sons of AMC t-shirts he makes people take pics with (Chris Pratt…embarrassed) he commented when asked if anyone of the old crew was gone:

    “No, the old crew is still here. We just all needed more help.”

    Immediately people started asking about Erin, and when pressed he commented

    “We actually let Erin go. She’s very talented and we wish her all the success in the world, but several issues just made it a wrong fit.”

    He also said paraphrases on that through AMC’s Youtube, commenting in yesterday’s show in reply to Erin questions.

    Seems kinda shady to me. Then never let people know when people are leaving. I read your Jaimie Alexander article in the winter and it really made me wise up to Campea’s BS practices. I like pretty much everyone on AMC a lot, except ironically Erin who I sometimes found fake, if well-meaning, and John who is an egomaniac.

    Nothing could be said more fallaciously with a smile than “its okay if you liked/didnt like it, all film is subjective” when Campea clearly, loudly, angrily, red always thinks he is right. Rants, etc. Forced opinions and rebuttals beyond his movie talk “turn” to speak.

    A lot of the sheep in the comments dont realize that AMC movie talk is awesome because of everyone but John. Honestly I think he should not be in front of the camera any more, but AMC probably doesnt care considering how much theyve grown Movie Talk under him.

    Anyway, I dont even know if youll discuss this with me, but I wanted to get your take. Reminds me of the whole Clarke Wolfe BS last summer when she didnt love Man of Steel. Also, you’ll notice John has been pushing EVERY SINGLE movie coming out these past few months, even trash like Need for Speed and 3 Days To Kill, 300 ROAE, etc.

    Miri Jedekin, on her first episode as AMC crew ever (yesterday) said she was worried about TASM 2 as its getting lukewarm reviews. Campea (after he had already spoken) made a point to jump in at the end of the segment (Carnage I think was the segment title) and say something to the effect of – sorry, youre wrong, the reviews are great, this is the second coming of The Dark Knight blah blah, the way he’s been pushing Cap 2 and Thor 2.

    I dunno…it all irks me.

    • She posted this a few hours after John’s comments, through her twitter account:
      Erin Darling ‏@ErinADarling 13h

      “Disappointed by the lack of professionalism, decorum & class exhibited by some in this industry. It’s shameful.”

      “At the end of the day, treat others with honesty & respect, the way you’d like to be treated. #wordsofwisdom”

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