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By Dirk van Sloten, M.S.


Like many fans of the horror genre, I was very excited when my pre-order for The Conjuring 2 was delivered yesterday. Having already seen it in the theater, I was looking forward to see it again. I’m convinced this is one I’ll enjoy watching many times over. Much like I have with the original. They truly get better with each viewing.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pop my disc into the player right away: work, work, work. Yet, that didn’t stop me from a quick visit to a couple of social media sites on my break. There I made a potentially dreadful discovery that’s possibly scarier than The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 combined.

First I saw a question posted on twitter account @Conjuring2EP. It asked if actress Bonnie Aarons should “be back as The Nun (Valak) in the spinoff of the same name?” I wasn’t sure how to take this. I mean, isn’t it obvious nobody but Aarons could do this character justice? Why would anyone even ask this question? It made absolutely no sense to me. Not right away.

Then I noticed a fellow fan of Aarons’ asked her in a public post on facebook, if she would indeed play the role. Her answer sent chills down my spine of the likes that even James Wan hasn’t been able to produce: “no one has contacted me.” Wait? What? NO ONE HAS CONTACTED HER? Could this be true? I rushed to open a new browser window and navigated to both iMDB and iMDBPro to read up on the credit list for The Nun. Sure enough, Bonnie Aarons isn’t listed. Granted, no cast members are listed at the time of this writing as the site only lists a writer and two producers. Regardless, the buzz out there claims the spinoff is being made, and slated for a release in 2017. Still, Aarons hasn’t (yet?) been asked to reprise her role of the Demon Nun.

Now, I might be on the wrong track, I might be on the right track. Either way, I’m not going to sit still waiting to be run over. By then it would be too late. So let’s play the devil’s advocate, as scary as that might be, and make the worst assumption possible… What if they plan on doing The Nun without Aarons? I will tell you what. Fan-Hell will be unleashed. Aarons is currently experiencing a tremendous success with her sublime portrayal of the demon nun. She is asked to visit conventions all over the country, where cos-playing fans in full demon-nun regalia greet her with heartwarming enthusiasm. And others sport full size tattoos of Aarons’ face as the demon nun. Let that sink in for a second: there are fans out there, and more than a handful, who willingly undergo hours of burning pain from tattoo needles puncturing their skin to lay down permanent layers of ink. How do you think those fans would take The Conjuring 2 spinoff The Nun, without the actress who made that character so successful? I, for one, would imagine a lot of people would want to boycott such a film. The whole idea is absolutely ludicrous.

Oh please, by the powers that be, whether the Great Lord Cthulhu, Pazuzu, or even God and the Devil themselves, let me for once be absolutely wrong about my fears in this case. Let it please be a simply matter of the production company being hush-hush, and not having come around yet to asking Bonnie Aarons to reprise the role that’s rightfully hers.

Please let it NOT be so that they’re making a massively foolish mistake from which they cannot recover the backlash such an error would bring forth. What say you?