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Sometimes a low budget indie short film can still deliver the goods.

In today’s world, anyone can shoot and edit any size film on their home computer so the market has been flooded by would be filmmakers. Usually (as a reviewer) you discover a half hearted attempt by a filmmaker wanting to recreate a movie he/she desperately yearns to emulate. Sometimes though you find that diamond in the rough.

“LiTTLE REAPER” is one of those diamonds that shines on its own.

Notice the lower case “i” in the title. Not sure why it is presented that way, but hey, it’s the filmmaker’s decision so let’s go with it.

“LiTTLE REAPER” stars John Paul Ouvrier and Athena Baumeister as father and daughter Grim Reapers. She has apparently been grounded for not taking the job seriously, but then her dad gives her an opportunity to prove her loyalty. It doesn’t entirely go as planned.

“LiTTLE REAPER” comes promoted as a horror comedy, but it’s more in the satirical comedy vein. There’s nothing in the film particularly scary, but I don’t believe that was director Peter Duke’s intention anyway. And while a few of the jokes may seem a tad forced, the chemistry between the two leads is charming and fantastic.

If there is a problem with the film, it’s that a few of the audio transitions come right on top of each other as well as not tying the leads in to the main action; a frequent issue with filming on different days with several actors. But that’s like 15 seconds of the overall running time so really… not that big of a deal.

That being said, the black and white photography by Drew Moe is strikingly clear and the music by Giona Ostinelli recalls early Danny Elfman/Tim Burton. In fact, the whole tone of this short reminded me of Tim Burton’s first live action film, “Frankenweenie” and that was pleasing.

“LiTTLE REAPER” is a fun, breezy, light hearted ten minute short film that is worth your time. I’m looking forward to seeing what director Peter Duke has planned next.