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Written by Cameron Cloutier
Based upon characters created by Clive Barker

(White credits dissolve in and out on a black background while Christopher Figg’s haunting melody plays over them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxIFzdwrzek)

(Once the main titles have ended, there is a single beat before Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good” kicks onto the soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXWvKDSwvls)


(A car pulls up and parks in one of the front spots. JOHN CLANCY, age twenty five, steps out and walks into the store. He passes the rotund CLERK, early thirties, and makes his way to the drinks and candy. Soon after, a girl walks off the street and into the store carrying a backpack/duffel bag. This is SUSAN SPENCER, age nineteen. John listens as she begins to have a conversation with the clerk.)

SUSAN: Is it cool if I keep my bag with me?

CLERK: Well, customary, we like to keep those kind of things behind the counter until you’re ready to check out…

SUSAN: I understand, but can I just keep it this one time?


CLERK: Yeah, sure. Just know if you set the alarm off though, I have the right to stop you.

SUSAN: Oh, don’t worry. It won’t come to that.

(The clerk nods and Susan walks back to where the drinks are kept. As she searches through the rows, she can feel that someone is glancing at her. Susan then turns her head slightly to the left and sees that John is standing off in an aisle looking in her direction.)

JOHN (embarrassed): Sorry.

SUSAN (curiously intrigued): What for?

JOHN (staying private): Nothing.

(John moves away and heads to the counter. Susan smiles. As John is checking out, Susan approaches him from behind and gets in line.)

CLERK: Is that everything?

JOHN: Yeah… Wait, no.


(John turns around and sees that Susan is holding a juice drink.)

JOHN: Let me get hers too.

SUSAN: Oh, you don’t have to do that.

JOHN: I know, but I figure I haven’t done my good deed for the day, so why not?

SUSAN: That’s very sweet of you. Thank you.

JOHN: No problem.

(Susan hands John her beverage and he pays for it also. He then gives the drink back to her.)

SUSAN: Thanks.

CLERK (to John): Have a good day.

JOHN: You too.

(John pleasantly grabs hold of his bag and walks out of the store with Susan, holding the door open for her.)

(John and Susan exit from the store.)

SUSAN: Thanks again.

JOHN: Sure thing. (Pause.) Which way are you headin’?

SUSAN: Oh, I don’t know… south. Why?

JOHN: Well, I saw when you came in you didn’t have a car so I was wondering if you needed a ride somewhere.

SUSAN (matter of fact/toying): You were watching me?

JOHN (matter of fact/assuring): Noticing you.

SUSAN: I see. (Pause.) Yeah, well… you are right. (Pause.) No car—so today may just be your lucky day.

JOHN: I don’t know. Just thought I would continue on with my good deeds for the day.


SUSAN: What’s your name stranger?

JOHN: Clancy.

SUSAN (matter of fact/teasing): No, it’s not. I may not be the smartest person on the planet, but there’s no way on earth a mother would name her boy Clancy in this day and age.

JOHN: Actually, it’s John.

SUSAN (matter of fact/teasing): Well, that’s not much better, is it?

JOHN: Clancy’s my last name.

(Susan smiles.)

SUSAN: So… where are you taking me, John Clancy?

JOHN: Why don’t you tell me.

SUSAN: You live near here?

JOHN: Yeah, just a couple miles up the road.

SUSAN: Well, if you don’t mind, I could really use a shower before moving on.

JOHN: Yeah, it’s not a problem.

SUSAN: Great.

JOHN: So what’s your name?

SUSAN: Susan.

JOHN: Susan. (Pause.) It’s nice to meet you, Susan.

SUSAN: You too, John.

(Despite having a drink and some groceries in hand, John and Susan awkwardly, but sweetly, shake hands.)

(John’s car speeds up the road.)

(John is driving as Susan sits in the passenger’s seat, looking forward.)

JOHN: So tell me a little about yourself…

SUSAN (teasing): What? And ruin the fantasy you’ve concocted in your brain about me?

JOHN: Don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just trying to make conversation.

SUSAN (teasing): Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

JOHN (bewildered): What?

SUSAN (amused): Nothing.


JOHN: Hey, I believe it was you who came onto me in the parking lot back there.

SUSAN: Actually, I just asked you if I could use your shower. I said nothing whatsoever about coming onto you.

JOHN: Okay…

SUSAN (matter of fact/flirtatious): Besides… I’m not the one who’s equipped to do such a thing.

(Pause–and then Susan laughs, followed by a smile/nod from John.)

(John pulls his vehicle into the driveway and parks. He and Susan then step out of the car.)

SUSAN (glancing): Nice neighborhood.

JOHN: Yeah, I like it. It’s quiet. No crime.

SUSAN: That’s always a good thing.

(They walk onto his porch and John unlocks the front door.)

JOHN: Please. After you.

(Susan smiles.)

SUSAN: Look at you with the manners.

(John shrugs.)

JOHN: My mom always said, “Ladies first.”

SUSAN: She taught you well then.

JOHN: I like to think so.

(She nods. Carrying her bag, Susan then takes another look at her surroundings before stepping into the house.)

(John and Susan walk into the house, whereupon she takes a look around.)

SUSAN: You got a wife or girlfriend?

JOHN: Not at the moment.

SUSAN: Could have fooled me. This place looks pretty good for a bachelor.

JOHN: What can I say? I like to stay organized.

(Pause, followed by awkward silence.)

SUSAN: About that shower…

JOHN: Right. (Slight pause.) This way.

(John shows her the bathroom, turning on the light.)

JOHN: Uh… there should be a spare towel on the rack for you.

SUSAN: Oh, thank you. I shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.

JOHN: Don’t worry about it. Take your time.

(Susan looks for a place to put her bag.)

JOHN: Here, let me take that.

SUSAN: Thanks.

(John places her bag off to the side of the hallway, as Susan walks into the bathroom. He then waits until he hears the shower running before quickly darting through the house–removing/hiding all pictures of him and his wife, MELANIE on dates, playfully posing, climaxing with a picture showing them together, happy, and her pregnant.
Afterwards, John walks back to the bathroom and notices that through the crack of the open door, he can clearly see Susan’s body shape in the shower. He then looks down at this beautiful girl’s bag.
Having this opportunity to peek, John kneels to the floor and begins to unzip her backpack, finding a change of clothes. Not satisfied, he continues snooping. Underneath Susan’s attire, he discovers a small puzzle box, known as the Lament Configuration.)


JOHN (to himself): What on earth?

(Still intrigued, John then finds a few yellow copies of a flyer titled, “Have you seen this girl?” with Susan’s picture and stats on it.)

SUSAN (O.S.): John…

JOHN (startled): Yes?

SUSAN (O.S.): Be a doll and bring my bag into the bathroom.

JOHN: Okay.

(John then quickly zips the bag back up and carries it into the bathroom, purposely leaving the Lament Configuration on the floor.)

(John brings her bag into the bathroom and lays it gently on the floor.)

JOHN: I’m just going to put it right here.

SUSAN (in shower): Thank you. Silly me, I realized when I got in here that I forgot to bring in my stuff.

JOHN: No worries. It happens to the best of us.


SUSAN (in shower): I’ll be out in a few minutes.

JOHN: Oh, okay. (Pause.) Would you like something to eat?

SUSAN (in shower): No thanks, I’m good.

JOHN: Alright.

(John slowly backs out of the bathroom, sneaking a peek at Sarah’s body form one last time.)

(He gently closes the bathroom door. John then walks around the room, not knowing what to think about this strange situation. However, his thoughts keep bringing him back to the box that is seemingly resting on the floor. John’s curious half can’t take it anymore so he grabs the Lament Configuration and sits down on the couch. He starts to explore the box, feeling its textures and looking at it intently, but in wonder.

Over this scene, the following music plays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgk0Hu5g7oo

After a minute or so, Susan steps into frame behind him–her hair wet, wearing a towel.)

SUSAN (cautious): John, what are you doing?

JOHN (breaking from trance): Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. I’ve just never seen anything like this before.

SUSAN: I’m sure… but you have to listen to me now. Alright? I need you to give me back the box.

JOHN: Why? What does it do?

(Susan then kneels down and looks directly into John’s eyes.)

SUSAN: John, this box is not something you just play with. It’s very powerful, very dangerous. If you can hand it to me, I will explain everything. I promise.

(He glances down at the Lament Configuration and appears to be full of questions.)

SUSAN: Please, John. You have no idea what I’ve had to go through to obtain this.

(John’s thoughts are fixated on this object, but then he turns and gives Susan back the box.)

SUSAN: Thank you.

(He nods. Susan then walks around the couch and sits down next to John. She places the box on the coffee table in front of them.)

JOHN: So, what is this thing?

SUSAN: Okay… you promise not to laugh.

JOHN: Sure.

SUSAN: Or think I’m crazy…

JOHN: Okay.

SUSAN: Alright. The truth of the matter is… (leans into John’s face) it’s a harmless, stupid, worthless little puzzle box–and it does nothing.

JOHN (not believing): Really?

SUSAN: Yes, really. I bought it from a friend at a Farmer’s Market. Where do you think I would get such a thing?

JOHN: So it doesn’t do anything?

SUSAN: Nope… Nada, nothing. Sorry.

JOHN: Well, that’s a bummer.

SUSAN: Yeah… but you know what’s not a bummer?

JOHN: Hmm.

SUSAN: You have a practically naked girl sitting right next to you now.

JOHN: That I do.

SUSAN (matter of fact/flirtatious): Well, what are you going to do about it?

(John then moves his head forward, kissing Susan and they begin making out. He slowly lowers the towel further down her body, as she pulls him onto the couch. John then sits up, takes off his shirt and resumes kissing her neck and breasts. Susan, meanwhile, starts making moaning sounds and John notices that under the towel, her hands are making movements as if she is touching herself. Her eyes are now closed, as John continues to bathe her body religiously with his kisses and tongue. Susan’s moaning becomes stronger and stronger, while her hands start to move more furiously under the towel. Smiling and feeling playful, John whips away the covering–only to discover that Susan is holding the Lament Configuration, near her crotch, maneuvering it.)

JOHN: What the hell?

(Susan opens her eyes.)

SUSAN: Exactly.

(Susan then looks at him coldly, as chains with hooks suddenly erupt from the box and rip into John’s hands/flesh, pulling him straight off the couch. The hooks are now in deep.

Over these moments, the following music blasts over the soundtrack:

Susan quickly throws her clothes back on and approaches him. John is trying to compose himself through all the pain and tears, while she holds the puzzle box right in front of his face.)

SUSAN: You fool. Did you think you could just lure a street waif like me over to your house and get lucky? Especially with your wife now in the hospital–about to give birth to your child?!

(John is in major pain, but even he has become speechless.)

SUSAN: That’s right. (Pause.) I’ve been watching you for a while, John and today is the day we’re going to right the universe’s wrongs.

JOHN: What the fuck are you talking about, bitch?!

SUSAN: You and I are going to make a difference.

JOHN (frightened): You’re crazy.

SUSAN: No. I’m afraid my mind has never been more clear. (Pause.) John, right now you are experiencing what my great grandfather and many, many others have gone through. But with your help, we can make sure this thing never happens again.

JOHN: Please, I’ll give you anything. Just let me go.

SUSAN: I can’t. I’m sorry. (Pause.) It’s time to play.

JOHN: What???

SUSAN: I really am sorry, John.

JOHN (tearful): But…

SUSAN: Shhh. It will go faster if you give into the sensations.

JOHN: I’m going to kill you…

SUSAN: No, you’re not.

(As she begins to manipulate the box once more for her purposes, a big, booming voice calls out.)

PINHEAD (O.S.): Allow me to have that honor.

(Susan turns around and sees a blinding white light. She then watches as PINHEAD, a god from the Hell Dimension, and leader of the Cenobites, emerges from his world into ours.)

For reference, please watch 5:30-10:40 of the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68NKedH7zE4

PINHEAD: What do you think you’re doing?

SUSAN: Oh my God. (Pause.) It worked.

(A single tear of happiness moves down from her eye.)

PINHEAD: God has nothing to do with your fate, child.

(Pinhead then moves his head left, right and center, signaling chains to come and rip through Susan’s flesh. The Lament Configuration falls to the floor.

For reference, please watch 1:05-1:27 of the following video:

Now, both her and John are being held by the chains of Hell.)

PINHEAD: You think by sacrificing this man today, you can erase the past… defeating what Lemarchand created all these years ago.

SUSAN (in tremendous pain, but holding strong): Not erasing it. (Pause.) Stopping you.

(The Lead Cenobite laughs.)

PINHEAD: Now why on earth would you ever try to do something foolish like that..?

SUSAN: Because it’s in my blood.

PINHEAD: Nonsense, child. You know not what you speak. But Hell will know your flesh soon enough.

SUSAN: Right now, this man’s wife is giving birth to a son who has the ability to take you down. (Slight Pause.) I’ve made sure of it.

PINHEAD: No mortal has the power to do such things…. except….

SUSAN: That’s right. (Pause.) My great grandfather, Elliot Spencer is coming back, you son of a bitch. This man’s death assures him safe passage back over to this world. You, your Hellworld, it’s over.

PINHEAD: Silence!

SUSAN: We are going to take you out!

(Susan starts manically laughing, as John continues to moan in pain.)

SUSAN: We’re going to win!

PINHEAD: Silence!!!

(And with a flick of his hand, Pinhead allows the chains to tear both Susan and John’s bodies apart. He then stands in the living room for a minute, amongst the carnage–silent. The Lead Cenobite then kneels down and picks up the puzzle box from the floor, stroking it calmly. He then stands back up, as the same white light returns to fill the room.)



(The house is now completely spotless and quiet. After a few seconds, the front door opens and light floods into the living room. John’s wife, MELANIE, mid twenties, walks in with a female FRIEND. She is carrying her new baby, ELLIOT while her friend is carting in the hospital suitcase.)

FRIEND: I still think it’s pretty crazy that you thought you were having a girl this whole time, and then magically, whoosh, you have a boy.

MELANIE: I know, but what are you going to do? The doctor says it happens all the time.

FRIEND: I suppose. I’ve never heard of it, but what do I know?

MELANIE: Yeah. (Pause.) Oh, you can just put that anywhere. I’m going to go put him down for a minute. My arms are already starting to kill me.

FRIEND: Alright.

(Melanie carries her newborn into the baby’s room.)

(She then places Elliot into his crib and looks upon him sweetly.)

MELANIE: How could anyone, let alone Daddy, not want us in their life? Huh? (Pause.) Yeah, me neither.

FRIEND (O.S.): Hey Mel, do you have anything to drink?

MELANIE: Yeah, I’ll be right there. (Pause, then to newborn) I love you, Elliot.

(Melanie leans down and kisses her new baby, before exiting the room.

Hold camera on infant.

Then a shadow appears over the child and we see it is Pinhead himself.)

PINHEAD: So you’re the one who’s going to grow up and try to stop me… Well, we’ll just see about that. You may have parts of me lurking inside you, Elliot Spencer, but you are not me. (Pause.) And so our war continues… May the best man win.

(Elliot may just be a baby, but the future of mankind is now in his hands.)