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While at a convention in April 2009, Chloe and I met Corey Haim at a booth that was set up in the main hall. It was very sad to see him sitting there (with his mom by his side) and witnessing very few people coming up to talk with him. When I was younger, this guy would get mobbed by thousands of girls and now he was sitting at a booth (pretty much alone) while an occasional fan would approach and say how good he was in “Lucas,” “Silver Bullet,” “The Lost Boys,” and “License to Drive.”
If you were male, he would take the $20 from you, giving it to his mom, before just signing his name on whatever memorabilia you had placed in front of him. No eye contact, barely a thank you.
Girls had the option of taking a photo with him if they asked. I took one of him and Chloe because (like so many girls in the ’80’s) she had once crushed on him.
Now, in his late thirties, a once REALLY famous actor was now throwing his arm around my girl like she was a potential one night stand at a bar. It was simultaniously awesome and sad at the same time. No one ever wants to see a truly talented person wither away like this and yet, it was nice to meet someone that Chloe and I had both grown up with and was incredibly untouchable at the time.
That night, she and I went to a concert at the convention and G Tom Mac (who sings “Cry Little Sister,” from “The Lost Boys,”) was performing. He brought out Corey Haim towards the end of his act to vocalize, “People Are Strange,” and play the tamborine.
It definitely was a memorable moment; the happiest Corey Haim had shown the viewing public in years.
These are the pictures I took of that night…