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I am so surprised that no one has remade “Witchboard” yet. You see, even lesser known films have already been put through the grinder. Heck, Elijah Wood is about to star in the redux of “Maniac” for Pete’s sake.

When “Witchboard” premiered in 1986, it certainly came as a surprise. Other studios at the time were cranking out horror sequels and trying to top each other in the gore department, but this film had a different agenda. It was genuinely suspenseful and scary. Though it had a sense of humor about itself, it was never jokey in a way that demeaned its premise. And its main characters were adults–with actual histories.

Though some of the performances come across as wooden (at times), no one turns in a terrible performance. And like all good films, horror or not, the actors find a truth to make us care.

The only thing I can say about “Witchboard” that I don’t like is the last 5 minutes. The film ends so abruptly that it feels like the filmmaker, Kevin Tenney, simply ran out of money than properly ended his film.

Other than that, “Witchboard” is still scary. Still affecting. Still one of a kind.
And while other films in the horror genre have used the Ouija Board as its starting point, this is the film that fully utilizes the potential.

Now let’s just hope a remake never comes… or we might have to sick Malfador on them.