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Originally published on October 28, 1993

Her name is Muffy Davison, and although she is a human being, many place her within the stereotype of mod.

She writes quite a few short stories and poems, and wears mostly black. You see, if something is too bright, Muffy believes there’s no shadows, no mystery. And then how could you possibly wish to know more?

As one may guess, she is not too popular–but everyone knows her. However, she does have a small elite of friends.

Her flaw for not meeting more people is not because she hates the process, but rather not wishing to conform herself and stoop to their maturity.

Not to say that everyone else is not making the same judgements towards her, but their reluctance rests on fears of the unknown–and nothing more.

Muffy listens to alternative music such as Violent Femmes and Nine Inch Nails because it accurately describes her state of mind at the moment. As one may guess, she is more creatively inclined than academic.

She does not show much school spirit, partly because her image calls for her to show none. Deep down though, she enjoys the thrill of a good football game and the exhilaration of a well organized dance–no matter what she protests.

Many believe she takes drugs, and although she does smoke and occasionally down a forty, she has outlawed the more hardcore drugs from her body.

Muffy grew up on the notion of disappointment. She believes doomed love is romantic. Other relationships may bring upon joy, and while that may be what Muffy needs, she likes to keep a balance between the joy and the sorrow–so she purposely chooses someone she knows is not going to work out.

She has not yet had many men in her life, but if she ever did find one who would love her with all of his heart, she would love him back till the day she died. But it does seem to be getting harder to find someone who will call her when they say they will…

Muffy believes in equality for all, but she is not a feminist.

Although she is a strong person internally, many people feel she’s insecure–again from her image.

Muffy is beautiful, but does not seem to think so. She lets her bangs grow over her eyes so she does not have to look at herself often. She would rather have others look at her than vice versa.

She can love, hate, touch, feel, experience. Everything a human being can accomplish, but regardless, to most everyone else, Muffy is just a mod.