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I remember being quite enamored with the poster for “The People vs, Larry Flynt” when it debuted in 1996. Just above the title, the tagline reads, “You may not like what he does, but are you prepared to give up his right to do it?” It’s a brilliant question really–and a fundamental one, at that, for our Constitution.

This past June, for one night only, an independent film called, “The Innocence of Bin Laden” played at the Vine Theatre on Hollywood Boulveard for about 10 people–and that was before the walkouts.

Due to this abysmal showing, the producer, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (aka Sam Bacile) recut the footage, added ADR over select lines of dialogue and renamed it, “Innocence of Muslims” or “The Real Life of Muhammad” as it’s now known across the globe.

Look, Nakoula knew unless he did something drastic (and controversial) this film would never recoup the $60,000 invested. And knowing what we now know of him, this is a man who is hell-bent on making a profit–no matter what the costs.

That being said, don’t believe the hype the media is dishing out. These attacks and riots that began on September 11, 2012 have been in the planning stages for quite some time.

No doubt the movie’s 14 minute long form trailer (available on Youtube since mid July) has added more fuel to the fire, but it is NOT the only cause for why the extremists are currently running amok.

Heck, most of them have not even seen the dang thing. Sound familiar?


Now, I am in no way comparing the artistry of Martin Scorsese’s 1987 achievement with what “Sam Bacile” produced, but merely demonstrating that Christians too get upset if they feel their Savior is being disrespected.

However, instead of setting fires and killing Ambassadors for other countries, they organize campaigns, boycott, protest, or rather simply ignore it altogether.

Nakoula is an asshole for trying to create hostile publicity with this low budget little opus, but it is his right to do so.

It is also your right to contact Youtube and state how you feel, or to detail (in words, poetry, videos, talk shows, Youtube dislikes, Change.org campaigns, blogs, peaceful protests, etc.) the falsehoods with what the “Innocence of Muslims” is suggesting about the prophet Muhammad.

It is NOT your right though to storm our embassies and pay off the police in Libya to tell you where Christopher Stevens and the others are being kept–and then killing them.

That is what’s called a declaration of war.

What can be said about the film though, (based upon the 14 minutes shown), is that it’s cheaply made but adaquately filmed. The green screen is awkward most of the time (taking its cues from the Starz program “Spartacus”–with none of its intensity) and the acting feels like a student film. However, it’s clear this was not some slap dash production. The filmmakers obviously took their time, but so did Leni Riefenstahl.

It’s amusing that the cast and crew have now come forward and distanced themselves from the production. Never in their wildest dreams could they think an audition for a film called, “Desert Warrior” on Backstage would prove to be the most explosive film of the year.

One that may ultimately (some have suggested) lead us to future wars.

From a resume point of view, prepare to put this film at the top of your list. This may be the only shot at exposure you ever get–so take advantage of it.

All others, if you are offended by this film, I have listed many ways your voice can be heard. Just know it will eventually go away–like most videos on Youtube.

But now that violence has been committed and lives have been lost, that type of display can not be ignored. It’s our move now. The United States will find the perpetrators and achieve justice–that I’m sure of.

We (as a collective whole) did not make this film, nor is it a propaganda piece made by the United States Government.

It was thought up by a couple guys (one of which is from Egypt) who decided to make a film and it backfired. Rather than face defeat, they simply recut it into something more polarizing. This happens all the time in Hollywood. Sometimes you get the “Love Conquers All” version of “Brazil” and other times you get “The Innocence of Muslims.”

But do not ever think you have the right to kill our citizens and do what you want to our embassies–and then ask for more aid.

Murder and destruction is never justified.

I may not like what Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (aka Sam Bacile) did in the name of art and commerce, but as an American, I am not prepared to take away his right to do it.

Nor should you.

A government of the people, by the people and for the people will always conjure up tears of joy/sorrow in pretty much equal measure. But only us, as individuals can make any real difference.

There are other ways to have your voice heard. Much more positive ways, for everyone.

For those who want to see what all the fuss is about: