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I have waited since 1992 for Mr. Stone to fix this one editorial mistake, but after a couple dvd/blu ray releases, it doesn’t appear that’s ever going to happen.

In fact, I’ve never even seen this mentioned anywhere covering film errors, so I guess I’m the only one who has ever noticed it.

Here’s where it is:

In the script, Jim Garrison travelled to Texas much later than when it appears now in the film, so when he is talking to “ultimatum” Lou in the extended version of the Book Depository scene, it makes perfect sense that Costner would mention the name, “Clay Shaw.”

However, since that scene in the script has now been moved up in the film for narrative flow, we find ourselves a few scenes later with Bill Brossard coming into one of Garrison’s team meetings and letting them all know that Bertrand’s real name is “Shaw.” It just doesn’t make any flippin’ sense.

This one flaw has severely bothered me ever since I bought the pan and scan video at Costco all those many years ago. Otherwise, the director’s cut is a perfect blend of character, drama, history and film stocks.