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Let’s get this out of the way. Yes, “My Soul to Take” is a bad film. Yes, it fails to deliver any real suspense, characters, drama or even a story, for that matter. However, I will say this. It is entertaining.

Not entertaining like you have to show this to your friends right away, but entertaining because it is a film in which so many things go wrong, it’s hard to look away. Very little about this film makes any sense, but it is a plot cobbled together from a hundred other, better movies. The characters are supposed to be realistic, but one is named Bug and they all talk in psuedo Kevin Williamson speak or as if Wes Craven is already doing his dvd commentary through their dialogue. It’s bad.

One thing that surprised me is that the kills in this were pretty vicious and bloody. It’s not like him to be so incredibly mean spirited in his later films, but given all the problems in this production, it was a highlight. However, after seeing “Scream 4″ it’s pretty evident Wes Craven is now creating in a “Give ‘em Hell” kind of mood.

If you haven’t seen “My Soul to Take,” do not rush out to see it. However, if it arrives one day in the mail (from your queue) or you catch it on cable, it is worth a quick watch–even if it’s only to say you have now seen every Wes Craven film.

As a side note, “My Soul to Take” also really lacks in the pacing. Wes Craven’s longtime editor, Patrick Lussier (now director, “My Bloody Valentine 3D”) is sorely missed.