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Simply say the names out loud: John, Paul, George and Ringo. Kinda magical, isn’t it? Even their names put together have a musical rhythm.

The story of The Beatles is now so well known that it could easily have been one of the greatest stories in literature had it not been true.

Individually, they were each amazing artists. As a group, they became unstoppable–only ceasing when they themselves wanted to pause.

Just think of the music they created publicly from 1962-1970. Has there really been another band in history that advanced that much (in terms of sound and lyrics) in such a short amount of time? Maybe Cameron Crowe would know.

Like many of you, I grew up listening to them constantly and their music helped shape many defining moments in my life.

Imagine my surprise one day when my mom pulled out some boxes from the closet and we discovered some pictures my dad had taken when he was a reporter. These pictures of The Beatles at a press conference have never seen the light of day, until now.

I know these photos may not be of anything revelatory, but it’s not like one can have too many pictures of the greatest band in history… 🙂

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“And in the end…

the love you take

is equal to the love

you make.”