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Across the world, in every high school setting, there are now girls who are attempting to defy expectations. No longer are they wanting to be thought of as just cheerleaders, studyholics, prom queens, geeks, etc. Today, the modern teenage girl embraces all aspects of her vast personality and displays them proudly–sometimes for the world to see.

However, it takes a special type of girl to bottle that essence and project (to us) the insane highs and lows of the female mind clearly, humorously and rationally. (Okay, maybe that last description is debatable.)

Not to mention if the same person can do this so effortlessly and carefree. With perfect comic timing, an infectious smile and a willingness to be weird, goofy and surprising–I wouldn’t be surprised if Maddie Rose Davey is soon to be crowned America’s Next Sweetheart.

Part real life Hannah Montana and Lucille Ball, with a genuine Felicia Day “girl next door” quality, Maddie Rose Davey is the type of girl who may be hilarously erratic, but she also has rock solid ethics and an unquestionable loyalty that makes her dependable to those who know her. The fact that she is able to convey all that, with her head on straight, says to me that she is more than ready for the spotlight.

Talent is not something to be taken lightly. If a studio (or indie filmmaker) can somehow harnass the lightning bolt energy and wit this girl exudes, the end result would reward them ten fold. No understatement there.

Maddie Rose Davey is, for my money, a comedic force that has been bubbling up to the surface for far too long. It’s only a matter of time before she explodes (eww, as she would say) and shows the rest of the planet what a few people have already known: That she’s fully capable of world domination. Mwahahahaahhaha!

Beautiful, down to earth and wonderfully looney… Seriously, could you ask for anything more?