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Dear James,

I realize you will probably never get to read this, but why should I let that deter me? Right now it’s been a little over four days since you brutally massacred twelve innocent people and injured 58 more.

First off, I hope you realize that you’re getting the death penalty for what you did. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. That is simply the facts, Jack. There is no way the state of Colorado is going to let you rot in prison, using taxpayer dollars to remind us all of your sorry ass.

In fact, it is so rare that law enforcement even catches a mass murderer alive so don’t be surprised when you are studied, analyzed, dissected on your way to death’s door. Kind of like the way you used to be in class with your hypothesis, theories and theorems… only this time the American Legal System is in charge of your conclusion.

There are a lot of words floating around the mainstream/social media to describe you, but one word that hasn’t crept up too much is terrorist. That’s unfortunately a shame.

What you did early Friday morning was hijack an institution that many people consider one of the their favorite getaways from the real world: the movie theater. For a brief moment, the American public was questioning whether it was safe to go the movies anymore. That maybe we should have mandatory pat downs, metal detectors before entering a theater. Ugh!

When I saw “The Dark Knight Rises” this weekend, I witnessed people purposely sitting next to the lobby doors so they’d have an escape route, jumping if the exit door opened, not sitting in rows where they could be a clear target and so on. I don’t know about you but being killed in a movie theater is the last thing that’s ever crossed my mind, but now you’ve changed that for many people. Congratulations. I’m sure you feel proud as a terrorist often does.

But I feel nothing but sadness knowing that some other asshole will inevitably try this too. Maybe not even at a movie theater again. Perhaps it’ll be at a sporting event, a restaurant, anywhere people go to let down their guard and try to enjoy life for a little bit. The fact that there are others in this world that seem content to watch the world burn (Joker reference) is enough to scare anybody. However, it would be wrong for people to simply live in fear–something, I’m sure, you desperately wanted to accomplish.

You see, while you were sitting in a jail cell on Friday, families were also coming together. Hugs were exchanged, and kisses. Both soft, sweet ones and big, wet, sloppy, all tongue ones. Prayers were sent out, or answered–and a nation once again came together to grieve for a tragedy that didn’t have to happen.

And people saw “The Dark Knight Rises.” Many, many people, in fact. You being a fucking idiot did not keep the public away. Face it–you failed, James. Pure and simple.

Just like you failed to hook up with three seperate women on Adult Friend Finder in the last month (the easiest place to find a one night stand, or so I hear). Just like you were dropping out of graduate school on account of being a loser.

So… let me this straight. Your plan was to rig your apartment with explosives, then have your music go off loudly at midnight forcing a neighbor to call the police. Then as law enforcement entered (since you conveniently left the front door unlocked), the apartment and building would be blown to smithereens. This distraction, of course, would cause most of the police and fire departments to surround the blaze, making way for your shooting spree at the theater to take place with little chance of being disrupted. Am I correct in this?

How priceless it must have been then to see your face upon arrest when you realized that your apartment was still intact. Your precious plan, that you spent months conjuring up in your head, failed. Maybe you really are the Joker.

Watching you today in the courtroom, with your eyes bulged out or almost falling asleep, was method acting at its finest. Are you hoping to shoot for an insanity plea? ‘Cause it won’t work. Anyone with a half a brain can see that you did this because you wanted to. No other reason.

Your Match.com profile (with your lame orange hair) says at the top, “Will you visit me in prison?” Right now, I can think of a nation of people (and across the world) who would love to pay you a visit. Where do we sign in?

As you await your death sentence in a closed cell, know that life outside will continue to go on. People will always go the movies, fall in love, get married, have children, laugh, cry, sing songs and live life to the fullest. Something you will never again do.

You only brought this great nation together, James. You didn’t tear it apart. And in your failure, we move on–away from you.

Fuck you, James Eagan Holmes.


Cameron Cloutier