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The first time I came across Kristen Nedopak’s name was by accident. The television series “Lost” was coming to an end and I was eating up anything I could in the blogosphere and on Youtube about the episodes. It was then that I came across the website, Thinkhero.com.

While scrolling through the numerous videos and reviews (of other television shows) the website had to offer, I discovered Kristen–sitting alone on camera, discussing an episode of.. (for the life of me, I can’t remember).

It didn’t matter though. Her enthusiasm was contagious and made you want to be a part of the discussion. She was likeable, and had some spunk (not of the “Sex and the City” kind), and funny. Her jokes weren’t of the usual groan worthy ilk that many commentators today project. Kristen was real, authentic and best of all, you could tell she cared.

She would later go on to discuss and review the television shows, “The Vampire Diaries,” “Spartacus,” “The Secret Circle”, amongst others–sometimes with jovial co-host, David Griffin.

In fact, before she was pared off with David, I contacted Thinkhero’s creator, Dennis Tzeng about the possibility of working alongside of her in some of the reviews. It didn’t matter (or cross my mind) that I live six hours north of Los Angeles. I was perfectly willing to drive that length just to be around that kind of creative energy.

Something like that, of course, would be cost prohibitive on an almost weekly basis, but at that time I was surrounded by so much negativity, I was willing to do anything to break out and just catch some rays of hopefulness.

Little did I know that Kristen’s ambitions were about to reach a whole new level. In February 2012, she unleashed a viral short film based upon her experiences playing the game Skyrim titled, “To Lydia with Love.”

Writing, directing and starring in this humorous piece, she cut out a niche for herself that has proven to be highly successful. Her fans have even raised another bread, courtesy of Indiegogo, to help Kristen produce six more parodies that are already acheiving widespread buzz in the gamer and (self described) geek girl communities.

To share in the love, those who donated to the projects are soon to be showered in custom-made perks such as game controllers, books, costumes, weapons, armor and other props.

Also, coming up in just a few days, she’ll be one of the honorees at “The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con” panel on Thursday, July 12th. Not to mention recent covers and spreads by Faery World Magazine, co-creating the televison series “Fight Class” and partnering up with FirstGlance Films to create “The Geekie Awards”; an awards event for geek artists, filmmakers, cosplay designers and more! I think it’s safe to say that 2012 has (so far) been an amazing year for her.

A new force to be wreckoned with, Kristen Nedopak is a breath of fresh air in this oft stale environment of media saturation. It thrills me to know that she has embraced her talent and is able to project her passions (that inspire her on a daily basis) in all their glory. I, for one, can not wait to see where she goes next.

Take note: Kristen Nedopak is a success story that actually deserves it.

**Oh, and hopefully she’ll still find the time to do her weekly “Vampire Diaries” reviews in the fall. Elena’s a vampire, you know!