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Before the film has even come out, fan boys across the globe are discussing the pros and cons of this installment. I mean… remake, reboot, whatever.

They fight tooth and nail about Rotten Tomatoes numbers and positioning their stance as to why a particular critic is wrong or right. They cite that if a reviewer doesn’t like this film it’s because of their love for Sam Raimi; or if they do like it, were just paid off by Sony.

This is a battle that is going to just go on and on… and just wait till the box office numbers start coming in. That’s when the Wolverine claws (on both sides) will draw out and start to do some damage on the blogosphere.

Thank goodness that “The Dark Knight Rises” opens soon after. Whether or not Christopher Nolan’s final film in the Batman universe is any good, it will at least stop the infighting about “The Amazing Spider-Man” because there will be a new film out to be touted as the best/worst film of the summer.

I have not seen “The Amazing Spider-Man” yet, but personally, I am put off by the idea of rebooting everything so soon.

Can you imagine if in 1988, Warner Brothers rebooted “Superman” after the failure of “The Quest for Peace”? The public at large would be up in arms if Christopher Reeve was ousted.

Also, just think of how scary the internet stories would be in 1979 if we all knew about Richard Donner getting the shaft at the time.

I wish the makers of this new “Spider-Man” franchise had just picked up where Raimi had left off and made part 4. Heck, Dylan Baker had been waiting in the wings (for two films) to get his chance to play Lizard and now that dream is gone.

I believe that the majority of fans that are hating on this film are only doing so (at this time) because of the reboot, remake aspect of this film. Take that away and I think there would be more people on board.

However, I also think that those already singing the film’s praises are only doing so because they are the ones who would be thrilled with any “Spider-Man” film that is coming out.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on… when the film comes out, just know that you have a platform on this site to voice it.

Thank you for reading.