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Famed filmmaker Martin Scorsese has declared today that he will no longer shoot his work on film, only digital.

To some, like Quentin Tarantino, a eulogy, I’m sure, is quietly being done inside their hearts. To others, like Robert Rodriquez, the digital age has claimed another master for its side; and they simply could not be happier.

It’s sort of like picking teams for a school P.E. class. Which side is going to get the cool kids first? And who is going to be the last one picked?

Since the world is definitely going digital, I think this will be the last generation to shoot on film. Whether you find that appalling or inspirational is up to you; but that’s the truth of it.

However, at a time when film budgets are being slashed at an all time high for newer filmmakers, this change in technique will allow them to shoot faster, afford better actors, stunts, special effects, etc. than otherwise.

And to me, that possibility can only open new doors for originality and experimentation.

You know, the things film fans say they always want in a film, yet don’t support with their dollars. (I know, cheap shot… but true.)